CleverScan – uniquely clever: intelligent manhole inspections

Mobile usage, easy operation, high speed

Quite often, manholes are difficult to access. Therefore, an inspection with a camera system mounted on a big vehicle is impossible. CleverScan has a weight of just 18 kg and a height of 110 cm, can be carried by a single person and be transported by small vehicles, such as a VW Caddy. Easy operation, perfectly integrated software, prime picture quality and high operational speed (about 5 minutes per manhole) make this innovative system an indispensable and clever partner for your manhole inspections.

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Clever Scan is lightweight, mobile, and fast in operation.
CleverScan is lightweight, mobile and easy to operate

An intelligent cooperation made this possible

CleverScan is the result of a joint development project over a couple of years by two companies that have great experience and competence in this field: KEPSO with their owner Ing. Peter Kessler have designed and produced the electronics and mechanical components and manufactures the system. CD Lab AG, producer of the software WinCan, is repsonsible for the software of CleverScan and automatic reporting, which as a matter of course complies with all common inspection standards and requirements.

Clever Scan by KEPSO - works with WinCan software
CleverScan by KEPSO: lightweight, mobile and fast
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The result is impressive

With the push of a button the fully automated inspection process is started, and the camera plunges into the manhole towards the shaft bottom. After just a couple of minutes the process is completed and the device can be taken to the next manhole. Through the 5 high-resolution cameras of CleverScan and the fully integrated software, a live video, a 3D model and a so-called »developed view« of the manhole walls are made. And the results of the inspection can be documented directly in the WinCan software. But see for yourself: