QuickView AirHD by iPEK – Your New View Into Any Sewer, Fast and Wireless

Clear view below ground?

Sewer cleaning coordination of small municipalities is done according to the demands; complex inspection devices are often not available, or sewer cleaning is done by an external subcontractor. It is essential for such communities that condition assessment is done regularly, at least roughly, but primarily in an uncomplicated manner. We promise you: the system QuickView AirHD by iPEK gives you a totally new insight into any sewer!

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A quick view with QuickView – Linz AG has tried it out

Already in October 2014 our customer Linz AG joined in when we provided the opportunity to test the first prototype. We received valuable feedback, which was taken up by iPEK, who incorporated it into the final product development. Meanwhile, Linz AG has been successfully using such system.

One question remains: what makes QuickView AirHD so special?

  • Full HD camera with 30x optical zoom, vertical alignment over step motor
  • Electronic picture optimisation
  • No hassle with cables: wireless data transmission and control over a standard tablet
  • The streaming can therefore even be watched on up to 5 tablets simultaneously
  • Visual APP user interface (for Windows, Android and iOS)
  • The combination of the revolutionary advantages of the patent Haloptic technology with highly efficient LED technology allows for an optimally adjustable light situation
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Easier, faster and more economic assessment

A complete analysis of the sewer condition is indispensable for the prioritising of subsequent inspection and maintenance actions, cleaning and rehabilitation schedules and the compliance with legal regulations. The QuickView AirHD system helps you making an uncomplicated preliminary condition assessment and a reliable result check after the cleaning has been carried out by your own employees or an external subcontractor. Have a look into the sewer yourself and request a product demo on our premises!

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