Sewer Inspections

With regard to inspection technology, our customers can rely on the globally renown camera systems by iPEK and SeeSnake® cameras by Ridgid, which we have been selling successfully for years. Complemented by useful developments of our own, inspections complying with the standards according to EN 13508, from kitchen sinks to public main collector sewers, can be made with just one recording device. Apart from the classic sewer line inspection we provide the powerful electronic mirror Quick View and the compact and easy to operate manhole inspection tool Clever Scan.

For locating purposes we exclusively offer Seek Tech devices by Ridgid, which allow for easy and intuitive locating of damages or pipe routes.

SeeSnake® Camera Systems

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iPEK Camera Systems

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Locating Devices

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Inspection systems by iPEK, an Austrian manufacturer, are a worldwide success and convince through innovation and quality. Their modular system makes a start into the sewer inspection business very easy since the system can grow with the demands and the components can be used flexibly. Already with the Agilios™ pan-and-tilt head camera you have a complete inspection system with which you can detect damages conforming to the standards.

Light-weight manual cable drums of the ROVION® systems with a cable length of up to 200 m and a selection of carts and camera heads make possible a complete inspection by just one person. But also the inspection of large profiles of up to 2000 mm and lengths of up to 500 m and the inspection of branches with satellite systems or well inspections can be managed with the versatile systems by iPEK in high quality.

Tools by Ridgid are in many fields among the best in the world. Also the inspection systems of the SeeSnake product line are known as being among the most robust on the market. From the 15 mm small Nano Reel for the inspection of pipes of up to 25 mm diameter to systems for 200 mm and more, Ridgid systems are successfully used by professionals.

The locating devices by Ridgid are among the best in the world, due to their innovative SeekTech technology with patent omnidirectional antennas. Through their intuitive handling they permit quick locating of any signal. Apart from the locating of inspection cameras, also supply lines can be easily found. And through the powerful transmitter the locating of conductive materials is possible, and pipe routes can be easily located.

We know our stuff!

Being a full provider, we are happy to help you choosing and combining the right system. Due to our comprehensive stock, components are quickly available. Furthermore, we can demonstrate any application at our Sewer Technology Centre in Hollabrunn on our open air ground and let you try out the device under real-life conditions.

Broken tool or machinery?

Apart from a professional inspection and repair by a well-trained service team we can help you out by replacing your equipment in case of an unexpected failure through our comprehensive rental equipment portfolio.