XPECTION – The Top Movie of the Year. Shot With A Sewer Cleaning System.

Watch live what you are cleaning

XPECTION by iPEK Application Drawing

Stellen Sie sich vor, Sie reinigen einen Kanal und sind per Kamera live dabei: Das XPECTION System der Firma iPEK macht´s möglich. Noch während des Reinigungsprozesses sehen Sie über der Erde das Ergebnis, können die Reinigung kontinuierlich überwachen und bei Bedarf sofort situationsgenau nacharbeiten. Effizienter als mit dem iPEK XPECTION kann man Zeit, Geld und Wasser nicht einsparen und Emissionen reduzieren.

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Simply crisp and clean pictures and system components

  • The integrated HD camera produces sharp and crystal clear pictures during the cleaning process.
  • Video transmission is done in real time and wireless – from the camera module to the operating panel in the vehicle.
  • The hose routing protects from damages and includes a repeater for signal transfer.
  • Optionally, a second repeater is installed in the inspection vehicle for signal amplification.
  • Powerful rechargeable lithium ion battery pack, robust all-weather-resistant design and intuitive touch screen monitor.

Wien Kanal does an inspection. The University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences does the documentation.

On February 13, 2017 Wien Kanal started using this efficient and economic sewer cleaning system. The matter is so new and exciting that it is scientifically attended: a Master’s thesis of the University of Natural Resources and Life Sciences deals with the documentation of the application. We are excited about this successful cooperation and the significant application in Vienna – one of the first worldwide.

Training and Application Test by our Customers

Attended by our König&Landl technical team and experts from iPEK, the professionals of Wien Kanal could get acquainted with XPECTION in detail: try out themselves, test in the sewers, and get answers to all questions. Our short photo documentation gives you an overview of this thrilling product demo: