Tool and Machine Repair

We repair all brands in our branch in Hollabrunn.

Our staff repairs all common power tools, drain cleaning tools (e.g. by Ridgid and Roller) and air compressors fast and professionally.

Our excellent service is based on our highly motivated team, which is regularly trained, and a workshop full of state-of-the-art equipment.

If the manufacturers trust us, you can trust us, too.

The high quality of our work has also convinced our suppliers, which is why König & Landl has started an official partnership with several suppliers, including warranty handling.

We are an accredited service partner of:

  • Viega and Ridgid pressing tools
  • Ipek
  • Hürner plastic welding technology
  • Rioned
  • Makita power tools

Furthermore, we service equipment of other notable manufacturers such as Ridgid (sewer camera and drain cleaning technology), Wöhler and Trotec (measuring technology) and all common power tools – unless they are from a food discount store. 🙂

Your benefits of being a customer of König & Landl

Free Pickup Service

Free Pickup Service

Make an appointment with your account manager at König & Landl. We will pick up the device in Vienna & the surrounding area free of charge.

Replacement Units for a Good Price

Replacement Units for a Good Price

König & Landl can provide replacement units for a good price. Get more information about our rental service.

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We’re sorry, but what we cannot repair you’ll have to throw away.

Wir melden uns so schnell wie möglich mit einer Diagnose und einem Kostenvoranschlag für die Reparatur.

Our workshop manager Mr. Hammermüller will personally deal with your request. Thanks to our extensive spare part stock we can carry our all common repairs promptly.

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