Sewer Cleaning

Powerful pipeline and sewer cleaning systems by Rioned® and Ridgid® have been successfully used by our customers for years, because only the right tools yield the best performance day by day. We provide everything: from powerful manual cleaning machines for the kitchen sink over a sewer truck for the public sewer, to nozzles by IBG®.
Of course we also provide servicing of existing units in our Sewer Technology Centre in Hollabrunn.

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Since the 1960s, Rioned® in Holland has been manufacturing high pressure units and spring machines for pipe cleaning. Since the 1980s, KÖNIG & LANDL has been sales partner in Austria. The innovative engineers of Rioned have developed some of the lightest and most compact units available on the market – which leaves more space in vehicle construction for the necessary tools. The well-designed water pipes with few bends and the innovative hot or warm water systems provide an excellent cleaning performance.

Ridgid ® tools have been legendary for decades in several fields – including sewer cleaning. Many of the most compact and strongest tools on the market are produced by Ridgid and are appreciated by professional users due to their innovative design. Being one of the leading Ridgid partners in Austria, we are happy to assist you in choosing the right tool.

A comprehensive warehouse of tools for spring machines and cleaning nozzles enables us to have the right tool available for every application and to minimise waiting times on site.

We are happy to assist you in choosing the right unit and carrier vehicle. Apart from the assembly we also provide the right equipment, the installation of caution beams and the standardisation as special vehicle at the respective vehicle standards authority.

Nozzles by IGB Hydro Tech®

KÖNIG & LANDL is Austrian sales partner for high-quality nozzles by IBG Steinicke, which have been renown for decades . This enables us to cover all common cleaning requirements. Through the extraordinarily low stagnation pressures of the complete portfolio, the flushing performance of the unit is converted into cleaning performance in the sewer. In particular the resource-saving Abano® nozzle technology and the milling systems WaMax® for obstinate deposits – available in our rental portfolio – are unique on the market.

With IBG we can even provide special solutions for our customers. Just call or visit us, we are happy to assist.