Sewer Rehabilitation

The conditions in sewer rehabilitation are usually extraordinarily harsh and are a difficult challenge for users and tools. At KÖNIG & LANDL we therefore provide only high-quality products that have been proven for years. Apart from sealing bags and packers by Vetter or cutter robots by Dancutter we also provide Kaeser compressors and have the required accessories permanently available. Apart from many other products we also provide system components for trenchless rehabilitation such as impregnation systems or UV equipment by IBG Hydro Tech.


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This Danish manufacturer has been developing cutters for more than 30 years and is one of the few producers who also provide sewer rehabilitation services. Therefore it is no big surprise that their cutters are designed in a very user-friendly and practical way. All cutters are operated by compressed air and can be used effortlessly with all common construction compressors.

The aim of BRAWOLINER® is to provide customers with the maximum flexibility on building and property drainage sites, which are often difficult to plan. As a system supplier, BRAWOLINER® not only offers a complete and high-quality assortment for the repair of defective pipes. The BRAWO® Tech range offers high-quality products and tools for the installation of the BRAWOLINER. BRAWOLINER® also has expertise in the construction of sewer rehabilitation vehicles, which is being used as part of a partner program in the field of vehicle construction at König & Landl.

Since the 1970s, Vetter has been producing sealing bags for sewer rehabilitation and have established themselves as a market reference. Vetter aspires to be always a leader in development, and therefore their products can be used without any issues for many years..