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Vehicle Construction

From planning to technical approval

Being a registered installation partner of Bott we have been cooperating for years with renown vehicle manufacturers such as Mercedes and Volkswagen. This is how also carrier vehicles can be ordered at König & Landl at attractive conditions – short delivery times and adjustments from one source are really helpful for our customers.
König & Landl also works closely with registration authorities and vehicle inspectors to provide standardisation services.

We provide in-house construction

  • Commercial vehicles with equipment by Bott
  • Sewer trucks by Rioned
  • TV vehicles with equipment by iPEK
  • Combined TV and sewer trucks
  • Rehabilitation trucks

Furthermore, we deliver and standardise

  • Sewer trailers by Rioned
  • Rehabilitation trailers
  • Sewer trucks by Cappellotto
  • Suction excavators and special vehicles by Cappellotto

The König & Landl Presentation Van

All the above and many more things around sewer inspections we present with our brand new Presentation Van – equipped with the latest iPEK inspection equipment and the respectively latest inspection software by WinCan.

Do you want to test the benefits of this equipment?

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