Illuminate the Sewer – Use WinCan Software for Inspections and Documentation

The maintenance of sewers starts with their condition assessment. WinCan makes it easy to collect detailed data conforming with the standards. The individual software modules are both user friendly in their application and informative in their result. And a fistful of good reasons makes the WinCan software package to the most reliable tool for any sewer inspector, engineer or community. We also offer trainings and support.

CD Lab AG, the Swiss producer of WinCan, is the international leader in planning, collection, validation and archiving of sewer inspections. The WinCan portfolio covers the most diverse applications and can be used with all inspection systems of renown manufacturers.

1. Powerful analyses

Collecting the condition data is only the beginning. In order to help making qualified decisions, WinCan identifies trends, marks hot spots, prioritises maintenance and lets you generate budgets. The broad spectrum of reporting and visualisation tools allows you getting all the required information.

In particular the intuitive user interface, the analytic performance, visual graphics and the intelligent report generator with an easy to use filter and query tool are really convincing.

2. Globally compatible all-rounder complies with all standards

In order to be able to better analyse and compare the overall condition of the sewer grid, inspections must be made according to common standards and norms. WinCan supports more inspection catalogues worldwide than any other sewer inspection software. This guarantees complete portability of your data and gives you optimal information.

Moreover, WinCan connects to more asset management applications than any other sewer software, which guarantees the automatic collection of status and requirements of your sewer department, a comprehensive condition monitoring and reliable resource planning.

3. Cloud-based cooperation

It needs a team to maintain the operation of a sewer system. WinCan Web is a Cloud-basd platform on which you can assign tasks and inspections safely to your team. The results are immediately available. Everywhere. Over an App or Browser, without the necessity of servers, external backups or email attachments. This allows for most efficient workflows.

4. Customised, with room for expansion

WinCan packages link the core functionality required for any task in your team. Whether it is about data collection, analysis or management, all WinCan packages are put together in a way that they provide the full functional scope for an attractive price. Due to the modular design of WinCan you can easily expand your scope if your requirements increase.

Additional modules support the newest technologies such as scanners, lasers, sonar and 3D visualisation and powerful features such as image-based measuring and data validation / import / export.

5. Hardware neutral and it speaks your language

WinCan cooperates with all manufacturers of sewer inspection software, including crawlers, zoom cameras and push cameras. Moreover, the software solution works with all standard applications for scanning, laser profiling, manhole scanners and other state-of-the-art technologies. This makes you independent in the selection of your inspection equipment, because your software will never restrict you.

Perfect communication on all levels is further supported through more than 30 languages implemented in the WinCan software.

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