Hard times – strong partner
We are here for you!

You can continue to benefit from our extensive warehouse and professional advice. Goods ordered in advance can be picked up via a goods lock at our two locations:

  • Vienna Monday to Friday 8 am-4pm
  • Hollabrunn Monday to Friday 8 am-12pm

Please order in advance by email, in the web shop or by phone from your sales representative.

Preorder in the webshop
Pre-order from the sales representative

No loan devices can currently be issued – however, the devices can be returned via our goods lock.

Shipping with forwarding and parcel services is still possible – as long as these services are still available.

Sewer rehabilitation consumables such as liner and resin are available from our locations from stock! Contact your sales representative, we can provide you with the necessary material.

The whole country is facing a challenge. Together we will master them. You can rely on us.